The Story of Callisto Media Consulting

Dating back thousands of years, the story of Callisto and her immortal fate is not without controversy.

Many believe, Callisto, the daughter of the King of Arcadia is innocently tricked and seduced by Zeus, the God of Thunder and Sky.

When Artemis the Huntress, Goddess of chastity, wild animals, the moon and the natural environment, discovers she is with child, she is banished forever, turning her into a “great bear,” but not before she gives birth to a son, Arcas.

As destiny would have it, Callisto mistakenly wanders into the Arcadian kingdom and is about to be slayed at the point of a spear by her own son Arcas who does not know the bear is his own mother.

At the prospect of seeing Callisto killed by her son, Zeus the God who defiled her honor intervenes, placing her high in the heavens. To this day, the “great bear” has become the single most widely recognized constellation in the entire universe.

Callisto’s date with destiny is what we now refer to as The Big Dipper.

The Big Dipper, also known as Ursa Major, is the only constellation according to Homer’s, “The Odyssey” which never sinks below the horizon or bathes in the ocean’s waves and is therefore used as the primary celestial reference point and navigational guide.

In a final twist of irony, the leading edge of Callisto’s 7 celestial stars point directly to the North Star, also known as Polaris.

By all navigational and guiding principles, Polaris symbolizes TRUE NORTH.

Our desire is for Callisto Media Consulting to provide that same navigational guidance, based upon strategic media principles that point to and define TRUE NORTH for our clients and ourselves.

Tama Fulton


& Managing Partner

Tama has spent over two decades in broadcasting, as a radio host and current “on-air” personality, published journalist, and commercial voice over artist. As co-host of a weekly public affairs program, her interviews included notable government officials, corporate and civic leaders as well as many famous celebrities, including musicians, authors and major film and television entertainers.

Her creative interviewing style has been heralded as unique and genuine, lending a truly authentic voice to both her media and press coverage. She has been a consultant for TEDx talks and major industry presentations.

Tama’s articles have appeared in numerous trade journals and have been published in local and national newspapers, as well as online with CBS Local Digital Media, where her content contributed to record increases in readership, audience engagement and overall market awareness.

Tama is a highly requested emcee, event host and public speaker for local charity and live event conferences nationwide. As Event Manager with GE Aviation Systems (formerly Naverus, Inc.), Tama executed live event logistics, coaching and communications between speakers and conference owners for the annually hosted international aviation conference in Seattle.

She holds a BA in Broadcast Journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University with a minor in Theatre.

John Hudson Messerall


& Managing Partner

John Hudson Messerall is a creative marketing and strategic communications specialist with 20 years of experience creating unique and unparalleled stories for his clients.

Steeped in messaging truth, John’s written voice cuts through the current sea of media noise, while his creative style and visual aptitude, clearly distinguish his content as both original and authentic.

As a management consultant, John works with leadership executives and corporate visionaries, assisting with strategic direction, awareness initiatives and generation of authentic messaging that differentiates and resonates across a variety of audiences and key demographic groups.

Bottom line, John cultivates, develops and guides consistent thematic content for all media platforms, including digital, broadcast, live events/concerts, technology, retail, non-profit and entertainment.

As an alumnus of CNN & Ernst & Young, John is also an accredited screenwriter, veteran actor of both stage and screen and at one-time, was spinning discs as a DJ with a major FM radio station in the Midwest.

John holds an MBA in Marketing Leadership, from the Eugene W. Stetson School of Business and Economics at Mercer University and a BA in Broadcast Journalism, with a dual minor in Theatre and Drama from Valparaiso University.

Events are more than performances. A presentation is more than its speaker.

Knowing your “who” allows the anchoring of a much deeper personal connection, while fostering a higher level of audience engagement.

Defining “who” helps shape the TRUE NORTH of your message, fueling an inspirational performance worthy of your audience’s attention and appreciation.

Knowing Your “Who” Turns Audiences into Evangelists.

learn how

Communication is more than words. A message is more than its meaning.

Knowing your “why” provides a navigational guide amidst the sea of media madness.

“Why” represents TRUE NORTH, infusing your content with a super-charged emotional quotient, deeply rooted in both passion and inspiration, winning more hearts to your story.

Knowing Your “Why” Turns Followers into Fanatics!

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HOW requires FAITH. Faith in your who, your why and most importantly yourself.

WE design a “how” to transform your “who” and “why” journey, maximizing awareness across all platforms of both traditional and digital media landscapes.

Knowing the “how” provides the roadmap of where your story begins.

IGNITE the “How” in your story and turn audiences into advocates.

firewalk with us
  • Presentation – HOW you convey your message is just as important as WHAT you say. Your posture, presence, expression, voice and stage presence all factor into HOW your audience receives you. Your body language reveals as much as your voice.
    • Speech Preparation & Coaching
    • Body Language
    • Teleprompter
    • Rehearsal
  • Team Building – Working together successfully means being able to listen, engage, collaborate and create in unison. No small feat for a room full of passionate and inspired creatives.
    • Moderate, Mediate & Facilitate Break Out Sessions
    • Orchestrate & Lead Panel Discussions
    • Networking & Relationship Development Activities
    Our team building sessions are designed around a “we not me” philosophy, fostering increased communication, while strengthening interpersonal relationship skills and building a cohesive team that can work toward a common goal. Together.
  • Event Awareness & Support Material – Any event, regardless of size or scope will require additional management, awareness and support efforts. Callisto Media Consulting is uniquely positioned to augment, assist and team with any existing efforts, raising your event to the next level.
    • PR/Media Relations
    • Social Media
    • Traditional Media
    • A/V Media Services
    • Booth/Signage/Print/Merchandise
    Built upon trusted relationships in digital, print, radio and television, our dedicated in house writing staff is capable of generating specific digital media content, supporting documentation and increased media attention that will ensure your event gets more than noticed!
audiences LOVE you!
  • Speechwriting – IS where your story begins. Words are more than the sum of their parts. They are clues to a much larger puzzle. A puzzle that in the end, when completely assembled, tells the “why” behind your story. This is the power and the magic behind your message.
    • Communication Strategy
    • Talking Points & Takeaways
    • Thematic Consistency & Core Messaging
  • Creative Content – To cut through all the media noise and confusion, your messaging content must be creative, strategic and targeted. Callisto Media Consulting will infuse your message with passion, inspiration and truth, empowering your brand to share compelling stories your audiences will love!
    • Strategic Messaging Ideas & Concepts
    • Creative Digital Content
    • Internal Communications
    • White Papers
    • Newsletters
  • Social Media – Social media is one of the best ways to get your message to the masses. But it is not magic. Multiple platforms mean there are multiple audiences. A carefully crafted post, filled with weight and affinity will promote your message in a positive light. Not every post needs to be about you or your company. Being customer focused draws your audience to your message and your brand.
    • Social Media Messaging Management
    • Digital Messaging Consistency
    • Social Media Auditing & Evaluation
    • Blogging
  • Media Relations – Before your event, it is critical to have a precisely managed message. One that delivers the most relevant and useful information to the media. Your message will create interest in your event, and the media will be captivated by what you have to say.
    • PR & Media Relations Messaging
    • Messaging Optics
    • Crisis Management

Callisto Media Consulting will help imagine, inspire and ignite all of your messaging ideas. From concept through delivery, it’s mission ignition!

your STORY matters.

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“What matters most is HOW well you walk thru the fire.”

— Charles Bukowski